A late post on the Con, and my writing adventures

First, and I am late in this (very, very late) a report on my two favorite things from ConCarolinas, which I highly recommend any writer to attend. First was the Slush-pile readings, then the packing party for our own Faith Hunter.

The Slush-pile readings was a two day event comprised of a panel of published authors. Aspiring-to-be-published authors submitted anonymously the first 300 words of a work, and the panel would listen. If an author (David B Coe, Misty Massey, Faith Hunter, and others) raised his/her hand, it meant there was a problem an agent or editor would slush-pile the manuscript for. Once three hands were up, the reading stopped; there was no comments from the authors about “But I meant this” and so on. The vote was final.

What I loved was the feedback. The panel was courteous but firm. Why was discussed and then suggestions made.  At the end, the author could identify him/herself if desired. I learned so much from those discussions. A remarkable experience, and I do plan to be present for both (or more, we hope) days of it. 

Faith’s packing party is where her fans at the con help her out sending out flyers, announcements, and packing swag. Our group chatted, had fun, and bonded. Can’t really say more, but it was a hootenanny. (Faith, I still got some wonderful pics I need to post on FB or send you.)

On to why I am glutton for punishment. I am currently doing three WIPs at one time. Stupid me. I am thinking I will drop one for now, and continue with the other two.

Why drop the one? Because the world-rules have changed. the story took a different direction than I planned, and I will have to overhaul the whole thing. Sometimes it happens. David Coe said, “Characters ‘and plot’ [sic] are like children: they need their freedom and discipline at the same time.” the discipline is the story arc is the same, the plot generally is the same, but certain rules of the world have altered. I like the new direction, but it will take some fixing to make it worthy of an audience. 

The other is my epic fantasy (I submitted to the slushpile). It needed some work in just the first 300 words, so fixing it day by day. This one I vacillate between with new WIP.

New WIP is hard to define. A steam-punk era historical urban fantasy. The hardest part with this one is the research. And more research. And more. Not posting any of it until I am closer to half way through. 

An artist, no matter the skill, no matter the medium -words, paint, stone, cloth, clay- plucks the stuff of dreams from the aether and creates wonders. 


About jdfitch2013

Author of Yong Adult, High and Urban Fantasy, and Science Fiction. Many of my works, though not all, feature LGBT protagonists. Why? Because LGBT people, especially the young, need heroes as well and not just as side-kicks or tertiary characters.
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