More important than writing WIP (Work-In-Progress)

Blasphemy to some, I know.However, I am moving. In part due to circumstances beyond my control . One of those is parvo. Two dogs in my apartment complex have died of it. Even though my Monster (my dog’s name is Monster) is up to date on his shots, that is no guarantee he won’t get it. We go to the vet today, then I pack like a madman.

For those who do not know, parvo is a highly contagious, long lasting virus that can kill a dog in three days. I do not have much. Things can be replaced. Writing can be done later.

My Monster cannot be replaced. Like a WIP, he is a child. Unlike a WIP, he is a living, breathing being. I only get one shot at having him. No contest. 

I was going to rant about idiots not taking care of their pets as one dog never got his shots. The owner was too cheap and busy going out. But that is all I will say on the subject. 

Time to pack.

About jdfitch2013

Author of Yong Adult, High and Urban Fantasy, and Science Fiction. Many of my works, though not all, feature LGBT protagonists. Why? Because LGBT people, especially the young, need heroes as well and not just as side-kicks or tertiary characters.
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