When it just won’t work

I have been working on a scene that for some reason, just won’t work. I am gritting my  teeth to the point I can hear them grind. What is a writer to do?

Do I keep at it, or move on to another scene? The answer is “yes.”

As I write other scenes, I find things come into play that help clarify my problem child. By going on to different setting, things my characters say or do or remember bring the issue into focus. What was once a “Oh crap, now what”, becomes a “So that’s what happened!”

I also use chocolate. Lots of chocolate. I think the only issue chocolate cannot help is government or terminal cancer. But those are another post. 

About jdfitch2013

Author of Yong Adult, High and Urban Fantasy, and Science Fiction. Many of my works, though not all, feature LGBT protagonists. Why? Because LGBT people, especially the young, need heroes as well and not just as side-kicks or tertiary characters.
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