May you live in interesting times

How clever were the Chinese to come up with such a subtle curse. Seems innocuous enough, right? Then it hits you in the metaphoric face with a sledgehammer.

Let us face it: sometimes life just hands you a plate of *ahem* poo, right in the middle of an awesome story. You have the ideas, the gumption, but stress from whatever just seems to keep you from putting words on the page (or computer screen).

Question: “What will I do? How can I write during these troubling times?”

Answer: “Take a breath, settle your mind, and just do it.”

I personally play with my dog (who is my whole world, you know) for a while. Fetch, chew-on-daddy’s hand, or just tummy-rubs can clear my mind like nothing else.

Sometimes I cook. I love cooking. My style of cooking takes a bit of chaos and odd, raw materials; then transforms them something yummy.

Or I will sit outside -weather permitting- and sip a cup of tea. Where I live there are fireflies in the summer. I LOVE fireflies. The way they burst into otherworldly fire before vanishing; swooping around…I can sit for hours and let my mind relax. Several story ideas came from watching fireflies.

Or I will blog. Like now.

But I digress. The point is to find something that takes your mind off the current issue; then put your butt in the chair and write when you are calmer. Because stressing over life does not get the work done. And if you are a writer, not writing makes the stress worse.

I would love to hear from others how they deal with this terrible, yet so encompassing curse: living in interesting times.   🙂

About jdfitch2013

Author of Yong Adult, High and Urban Fantasy, and Science Fiction. Many of my works, though not all, feature LGBT protagonists. Why? Because LGBT people, especially the young, need heroes as well and not just as side-kicks or tertiary characters.
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